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Atlas of an Energy System in Transition
Published by: Markus Graebig, Georg Erdmann, Ingo Uhlig & Ellery Studio

What is it about?
The first part captures the status quo of our energy economy.

The book’s focus is on the electrical energy system. The core element of the book is an actor-layer model: Instead of the classic energy industry value chain, we have mapped out the central energy industry actors and highlight the relationships between them – in fact, we have done this four times – in four so-called layers: physics (How does electricity flow?), market (How is electricity traded?), data (What information must be exchanged to make the market possible?) and rules (Which regulatory framework applies?). The actor-layer model is presented as an infographic across four double pages. It is supplemented by eighteen ‘deep-dive’ texts which explain central topics, namely: Current and voltage, grid operating equipment, the copper plate, frequency, grid congestion management, balancing power, ancillary services, the balancing group, merit order, the German EEG law, unbundling, decentralisation, smart meters, electricity billing, the European electricity market, and the European regulatory context.

A look into the book
The second part looks ahead:
What will change with the energy transition?

Building on the first part, which is guided by info-graphics, the second part provides examples of where the energy transition is bringing concrete changes to the electrical energy system – and why. Here we build a bridge to the energy transition lighthouse project “WindNODE – showcasing smart energy systems from northeastern Germany” (2017-2021) by presenting exemplary energy transition innovations based on selected WindNODE sub-projects. In the style of an on-site report, we share information about projects on increasing load flexibility for industry and residential areas, digitalisation and sector coupling.

The key concepts here are: Wind energy in the heating network, smart buildings and power-to-heat, digital systems for the electricity grid of the future, flexible electricity suppliers and consumers, remote control for heat pumps and night storage heaters, power-to-cold, industrial load management, and green base-load hydrogen. We also look at the role of weather forecasts, ‘Serious Gaming’ and the opportunities offered by a digital and ecological energy transition in different regions.
A look into the production
Insights into the print production of the German second edition of “Strom, Netz, Fluss” and the English version “Sun, Wind & Wires”
Dr. Constanze Adolf
Dr. Severin Beucker
Andreas Corusa
Hannes Doderer
Dr. Niels Ehlers
Prof. a.D. Dr. Georg Erdmann
Prof. Andreas Grübel
Gregor Hampel
Victoria Harsch, LL.M.
Ellery Studio
Kate Miller
Dr. Matthias Müller-Mienack
Dr. Fernando Oster
Niko Rogler
Thomas Röstel
Dr. Simon Schäfer-Stradowsky
David Schröder
Jan Suchanek
Prof. Dr. Ingo Uhlig
Malte Viefhues
Stephanie Bätjer
Dr. Christopher Koch
Dr. Sandra Maeding
Alexander Voigt
Marcus Franken
Markus Graebig
Eberhard Fastanz
Alexander Voigt
Sun, Wind & Wires
Atlas of an Energy System in Transition (limited edition)
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Published by: Markus Graebig, Niko Rogler, Georg Erdmann, Ingo Uhlig & Ellery Studio.

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Sun, Wind & Wires (German original title: ‘Strom Netz Fluss’) brings together expertise in energy economics with captivating aesthetics. Through a combination of infographics, texts and design, we have developed an energy transition textbook that takes the reader down a unique path into exploring the subject. The pages are as attractive as they are informative, the language makes a complex topic accessible and the perspective is an interdisciplinary one. Sun, Wind & Wires thus reaches an interested broad public, but is also useful as introductory reading for students or young professionals in the energy industry.

After the wonderful feedback on the 1st edition of the 2021 book, we decided to publish a 2nd edition in 2023. It has been updated and expanded to include an overview of the European electricity market as well as green hydrogen.
Ellery Studio shapes transformation at the interface of innovation, science and design. The team, which has won several international awards, moderates co-creative processes, develops system models, supports authors in the user-centered preparation of complex issues and uses storytelling and infographics to communicate at eye level.
WindNODE - The showcase for smart energy from the north-east of Germany.
In WindNODE, over 70 partners worked together for four years, from 2017 to 2020, on transferable model solutions for the smart energy system of the future.
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